I'm An Artist!

As usual the other day the daughter was bored and I was feeling horrible about her being on the iPad so much. So I made the suggestion that we got paint pottery. She was all about it. Then I had the thought that I probably should have checked that they are actually open first before I open my big mouth...but too late! Luckily the place we normally go to in Liberty Station was open. They have spread out their tables inside and added some tables outside which was super nice. After checking out all my choices of coffee mugs, piggy banks, holiday themes and more I decided to paint a pineapple shaped dish that you put next to your stove to put hot dirty spoons when you are cooking. At least I think that is what this thing is for. So I got out a picture of our new kitchen backsplash and tried to recreate that. As you probably know after it is fired the colors are much brighter and shinier. Can't wait to see it finished!