11th Birthday Party

The daughter's 11th bday is this week so over the weekend we had her party. Since COVID we couldn't have a big party with all her friends but we did find a nice compromise of a small birthday sleepover. Since my daughter is addicted to TikTok she has seen the trend of teepee sleepovers. So we Googled and found a company out of north county that was AMAZING. Elite Teepees https://www.eliteteepees.com/  The set up was so cute and they provided everything. We cleared out the living room, they came and set everything up in less than an hour and then came and took it all away the next day. The girls had a ton of fun and of course didn't sleep at all and totally trashed the place. But they were having so much fun that I just went with it. The daughter finally fell asleep at 11:15am when the final friend left and slept pretty much all day long yesterday.