Holiday (Christmas) 2020

It was a good one this year in the Sky house! VERY low-key, but nice. We had a full two weeks off of work this year which was amazing. It was super nice to actually keep the sleep schedule of a normal person and to be there for breakfast with my daughter each day. The family basically quarantined the first week so we could go up to North County and do an outdoor, masked up and socially distanced Christmas with my parents. It was great to be able to give my parents their gifts in person and have a meal with them, even if it was at a separate table outside about 10 feet away. Our daughter had an amazing Christmas morning. On her Christmas list she had a skincare minifridge as something she really wanted. There was no way we were going to buy this for her. She is 11...what does she need a fridge for skin care for? I wasn't even aware that there is skin care stuff that needs to be refrigerated. But once I mentioned it to my brother who is the king of gadgets and cool gifts, he was all about getting it for his niece. The look on her face when she opened that thing was amazing! My favorite gift was the cards that she made me and the hubby. She did his card first and our photo printer ran out of ink before she could start my card. But I think the drawing is just perfect!!!!