My "Lunch" Today - Juice Cleanse Update

I always call the food I bring to work my "lunch" even though technically it is my breakfast. When you get up at 3am and are at work from 4am-12n, it's not really the traditional time schedule. But people bring lunch to work so when I pack food for work I call it my "lunch". Today we (the hubby and I) kick off Day 5 of our juice cleanse. And like most people say who have done a juice cleanse.....I feel great! I have been keeping a log each day of how I felt and what I noticed. makes it super easy and you don't have to be as crazy as me and do a full 7 Day right out of the gate, they offer anything from a 1 Day all the way up to a 7 Day. Here is a bit of a shortened version and some pictures for the journey........

Day 1 - Strange not having coffee to start the day. Had to keep reminding myself to drink the juice to keep up with the schedule. Hubby has a bit of a headache. When we would feel a bit tired, we would share the cashew milk and it brought our energy back. Both surprised that we didn't really feel hungry thought out the day and would only crave food when we would see or smell it. Peeing all the time!!! Had a bit of cashew milk before bed because I was scared I would wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

Day 2 - Was surprised to wake up in the morning and had not gotten up in the night with any hunger. Over our breakfast juice I realized that haven't seen my husband take any antacid in the last 24 hours. Prior to this he was popping them multiple times a day and sometimes getting up at night to take one. He said no acid reflux since starting the juice cleanse. Hubby has been drinking the majority of our cashew milk cause he really likes it, he is exerting more physical energy than me and plus I don't really feel like I need it. Still struggling a bit to finish all the juice by the end of the day.

Day 3 - Feeling a bit of extra energy and refreshed. Notice that my clothes are fitting a bit better and I feel a bit lighter. Still super craving food only when I see or smell it. Hubby still no antacid and I notice my hair and skin are looking healthier. Amazed at how much time and money we are saving not worrying about meals, what they will be and where they will come from.

Day 4 - Bit worried about temptation and cravings on my first day back to work. Pack up my water bottle, my breakfast and mid-morning juice plus a cashew milk for emergency. Work went great. Drank my juices and hat a cup of hot water instead of coffee and I felt great through the day. Again hubby and I talk about how shocked we are that we aren't hungry at all. I always take a pretty legit nap on workdays since I get up at 3am. Yesterday I had to force myself to lay down and after resting for about 30 minutes I felt good and got up and back to the day. Hubby REALLY struggles when our daughter eats dinner in front of us because we still sit at the table with her and talk about our day. I told the hubby no pressure and he doesn't have to do the full 7 days. I saw he considered it but then decided he wants to stick with it at least another day.

Day 5 - Excited to start the day!