#TBT - 2006 First Maui Trip

Maui is my happy place. I've never known a person who has been to Maui and didn't LOVE it! So of course same with us. I had been to Hawaii right after graduating high school. But when I went I went to Oahu and the Big Island. Both of those islands beautiful too but for me Maui is perfection, the perfect mix of nature and civilization. The hubby and I had an amazing time. We ate at Mama's Fish House for the first time which is now one of our favorite restaurants on planet earth. And we took lots of pictures of scenery, each other and tried to get people to take couples pictures of us. It's funny how different your vacation pictures look pre-kids. Anyway, this is my happy place. The dream is to retire there one day....and that is why we keep playing the lottery! 🙂