7 Day Juice Cleanse Complete!!!!

I am so freaking proud of me and the hubby for completing the Squeezed.com 7 Day Juice Cleanse. When we decided to do a juice cleanse for the New Year and I heard that you could do between 1 and 7 days, I didn't even hesitate before committing to 7 Days. It wasn't till after I committed that I started to get freaked out. 7 Days is a long time. I love cold pressed fruit & veggie juice and know it is good for me but how would it feel to ONLY drink that for 7 Days. I can now tell you it feels amazing! In addition to feeling great, my hair and skin look healthier and I lost 6 pounds. It was crazy how me and the hubby never actually felt hungry. When I would smell or see food I would want it in my mouth. But it was like I just wanted to taste it, I wasn't really hungry to eat it. Last night's "dinner" was my last juice of the cleanse. I need to hit the grocery store today because the fridge is empty. Now the true challenge for me starts to keep my body healthy now that it is detoxed from all the sugar, fat, caffeine, etc.. I was putting into it before. I don't want to go back to that old, puffy, sluggish feeling ever again. We totally plan on doing another Squeezed.com cleanse in the future. We were thinking of maybe doing a 3 day to kick off each month. Wish me luck on having the willpower to keep eating clean without the juice cleanse!