Husband and Hormones

The hubby is in a strange place right now. Our daughter is 11 going on 18 and the hubby can't seem to do or say anything right. He doesn't understand the rollercoaster that is teenage female hormones. Like yesterday at lunch our daughter made some comment about wanting to be prettier. The correct answer is, "don't be silly you are beautiful". The hubby tries to be helpful offering nutrition tips for better hair, nails and skin which of course the daughter takes as she has ugly hair, nails and skin. For me it is like watching a car accident happen each day and having no control to stop it. Yesterday the hubby did not like that I was showing our daughter how to pluck her eyebrows. She has been complaining about her "crazy" eyebrows for years and finally yesterday I told her if she wanted to pluck a little off the bottom row I would show her how. I could tell from the body language across the room that the hubby doesn't like her messing with her appearance at age 11. I later tell him how it is really no big deal and how I showed her how to do it the right way and told her it's like cutting can always remove more but you can't put it back once it's gone. All is well and then the daughter disappears to her room for a little bit. She comes out with her "nails done". The hubby has the look of horror then shoots me a look like all his nightmares as a father have just come true. Luckily they were just leftover stick on nails from her bday party that she found under her bathroom sink. The nails were off before bedtime.