Fire Extinguisher Fun

My Mom cracks me up! Saturday we spent the day up at my parents house in North County. Due to COVID and them being old we haven't got to see them much over the past year. So it felt super awesome to spend all day Saturday with them. I had asked my Mom if she wanted any Girl Scout Cookies. She then asked some of her neighbors too. Next thing you know we are driving up with 6 boxes of cookies. And since we were coming up she had a long to-do list for the hubby. So we throw the cookies and the tools in the car and spent the day hanging out with masks on in my parents backyard. It was really nice and actually felt "normal" which is a feeling I haven't felt in a while. My Mom was of course prepped with games and crafts for Lovelyn while we were waiting for the hubby to finish fixing stuff. Towards the end of our visit my Mom realizes that she has something else fun to play old fire extinguisher. Something about them expiring and having to get a new one or it refilled or something.....I was half listening to that part. But then I was fully listening when my Mom asked my 11 year old daughter if she would like to try using a fire extinguisher. My Mom, as always, made a great point that it is better for her to feel comfortable using one than not. So we put a box in the corner of the yard, we already had masks on and then she had a great time firing away!!!!