Holy crap this is hard. I'm sad to say that my Dad passed away yesterday morning at 80 years old. We are so blessed in so many ways, so that is what I would like to focus on right now. We are blessed that my Dad had such a long awesome happy life!!!!! We are blessed that he was only really sick for a few days in the hospital. We are blessed that even though he had his share of health scares, especially in the last few years, that he never lost his wit or had to be supported by any medical devices. We are blessed to have amazing friends and family who went above and beyond for us the last few days. We are blessed for the hospital staff yesterday morning who allegedly broke protocol to allow me, my Mom and my brother to spend the last few hours together with him in the ICU and be with him when he passed.  

Dad, you will be missed and remembered every day and I hope that everyone I know is lucky enough to live a long, full, happy, and successful life like you did. Thanks for everything and I will see you again!!! XOXOXO