Condolence Gift Drama

If you listen to The Show on the reg. then you know there was big drama with the condolence soup that Emily made me last week when my Dad died. The soup was delicious FYI. Then yesterday all hell broke loose and Eddie lost his mind over the status of his condolence gift to me. Check out the P1 Podcast from yesterday if you want to hear that freak out! Yesterday more beautiful flowers arrived. So many sweet people in my life. But I was blown away yesterday when Thor's parents sent me a condolence tray of chocolate dipped strawberries (and pineapple shaped like doves). Who knew that was even a thing? I was a bit surprised at first but then my surprise/confusion turned to pure joy when I realized that we get to eat all of these ourselves! Should I be that happy about a condolence gift? Does that make me a bad person? Is it strange that I ate a whole plate of them while soaking in a hot bubble bath? FYI trying to fish pieces of chocolate out of the bathtub while you soak is not an easy task. 🙂