Huckleberry Challenge

If you didn't hear us mention it on Friday morning, I weaseled my way into a baking challenge. A group of friends was doing this Huckleberry Challenge after one friend had mentioned that they had all these huckleberries in their freezer that they needed to get rid of. So they made a challenge between a few families. Each family would make and item or two with the berries and then all meet for brunch and taste them all. I guess this challenge came up at a BBQ that we had left early so there was some confusion and the hosts of the challenge thought we were aware of the plans. So when my friend showed up on my doorstep with two cups of huckleberries I was very confused. So even though not initially invited, I said heck yes and took the berries and got to Googling recipes. Since I don't cook I looked for something I thought was semi easy but also picked a recipe a few down on the page cause how embarrassing would it be to have the exact same dish as someone else. Daughter helped with the making of our Huckleberry Lemon Cream Cheese Tea Cakes. Was so proud of our work and how they turned out. About 10 minutes after we arrive another family shows up and they had made the EXACT same thing. What are the freaking odds?!?!?! Everything was so yummy and after a few Spicy Huckleberry Margaritas we all felt like winners!