The Best Thing To Happen In America This Week VIDEO

Okay, so maybe not the BEST thing, but it's definitely one of them. How could you not find humor in watching a group of people running on horse race track wearing T-Rex costumes? A racetrack in Auburn, Washington came up with a unique way of filling the stands on race day by going old school. Like, prehistoric old school.

Over the weekend, Emerald Downs racetrack hosted its third annual T-Rex Race -- as in Tyrannosaurus Rex. Instead of using Jurassic Park technology to bring the prehistoric beasts to life, Emerald Downs uses people in goofy-looking dinosaur costumes. But fans don't seem to mind. "The crowd response is the best part of the event," says organizer Cody Bennett. "The kids love us, and we enjoy taking pictures with them before and after the race. It's always enjoyable to hear people making bets with each other on which T-Rex will win."

More than thirty runners from Tri-Guard Pest Control dressed up in blow-up dinosaur costumes to partake in the annual dash and those who bet on "Regular" went home happy. He beat "Rex Girlfriend" by a tail to win the race.



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