Alligator Lives With A Steak Knife In Its Head

The residents of a Sugarland, Texas home development are upset that an alligator living in one of its lakes was attacked with a steak knife that's still lodged in it's head. The gator doesn't appear to be suffering any ill effects from the knife, but residents feel that there's no reason to harm a wild animal in this way and are asking the area game warden to help the animal.

In addition to being a predator, alligators are one of the most resilient animal in the wild. Their skin is covered in bony plates called osteoderms that act as body armor and their skulls have heavy thick bone, so an impaling object would have to be very sharp and cut very deep to reach their brain and cause serious damage. On top of that, an alligator's reptilian blood contains antibiotic properties that help them recover quickly.



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