Halloween 2018: Top 5 Weird News Stories

Ever noticed that on Halloween day things can seem just a little bit off? Here are five of the weirdest news stories that have surfaced this Halloween, including the video that's being referred to as the "scariest scene in decades" by people on Twitter.

1. The city of High Point, North Carolina banned this candy because city officials loath it.

2. The "Scariest scene in decades" aka: the man eating hot soup directly from the ladle of a grocery store soup & salad bar.

3. A woman in Alabama super glues "zombie teeth" to her gums when dressing for a costume party.  She had to have them removed by a dentist.

4. British spiritual guidance counselor Amethyst Realm, says she’s had sex with 20 ghosts.  She hopes to one day give birth to a physical baby with her ghost lover.

5. A boy in Ohio tested positive for meth after eating Halloween candy that he got at a local Trick or Treat event.

This is the candy that's been banned in High Point, North Carolina.  


This man sipped hot soup right from the ladle. EW! and Ow!


Woman super glues costume teeth to gum.


This woman is having sex with ghosts.


Someone laced Halloween candy with meth and unfortunately a 5-year old ate it.



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