Man Jumps On Moving Big Rig Filled With Wine and Drinks From Tap WATCH

In what looks like an action movie stunt, 39-year old Gabriel Moreno managed to jump onto a moving big rig carrying thousands of gallons of bulk red wine, clothed in nothing but his underwear. Once on the rig, Moreno maneuvers himself underneath its tanker while the vehicle is still moving, unscrews a valve and lets hundreds of gallons of wine gush out while he attempts to drink it. The incident was recorded on the rig's dash cam.

The tanker is said to have lost 1,000 gallons of wine, which would fill about 5,000 bottles.

How did this happen? According to the rig driver, as he was traveling along Highway 99 in Modesto on Tuesday, when Moreno who was driving a sedan in the lane next to him, turned on his hazard lights and motioned him to pull over. Thinking that there might be something wrong with the rig, the driver followed Moreno and pulled over to the shoulder of the highway. Moreno is seen getting out of the driver's side and going to the sedan's now open trunk. Once the rig driver realizes that something isn't quite right with the scenario, he begins to move back onto the highway, and that's when Moreno runs and jumps onto the rig holding onto its attached ladder as it moves back onto the freeway.

After maneuvering himself to the tanker's underbelly, Moreno manages to unscrew a valve that releases the wine. Not knowing where Moreno was, the driver notices that the rig is losing weight from a gauge on his dashboard and pulls over to the shoulder. The driver finds Moreno on the ground, “He was lying on the ground and doing snow angels, basically, as the wine was pouring down on him,” said CHP officer Thomas Olsen.

The CHP had been called but hadn't yet arrived, when Moreno ran from the scene and people began calling to report that a man "covered in blood" was running around the area. Once apprehended, Moreno was arrested but released the following day because of California's zero-bail order.

As a follow-up, Moreno was arrested again on the same day he was released from jail for attempting to steal a landscaping truck. Why? Because he distressed that he didn't receive a sandwich while in jail the first time. Unfortunately for Moreno, auto theft is currently eligible for zero bail as well, so he'll be released again.

Photos: Getty Images and Gabriel Moreno from STANISLAUS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT

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