'Remember The Titans' Actor Is Unrecognizable Now

Twenty years after appearing as the overweight character Louie Lastik in "Remember The Titans," actor Ethan Suplee has shed hundreds of pounds and is now completely jacked.

The 43 year-old actor is known for his roles as Seth Ryan in "American History X," Louie Lastik in "Remember the Titans," Frankie in "Boy Meets World," Randy Hickey in "My Name Is Earl," Toby in "The Wolf of Wall Street," and Elwood in "Without a Paddle." Over the years Suplee's weight has fluctuated. In 2009 he began focusing on his health, Suplee says "After 'My Name Is Earl,' I started obsessively riding bicycles. I actually did get properly thin at one point — I was nine percent body fat."

Weight loss became less of a focus when Suplee decided to add some bulk and began working out. The result is a fit, focused, almost unrecognizable guy who's got defined muscles to spare. He started the New Year with social posts from the gym, stating that this year's goal is all about the abs.

Ethan Suplee has also launched a new podcast called "American Glutton," that you can hear on iHeartRadio from the link below. Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.

Ethan Suplee 2002 2010

Photo: Getty Images / Video Walt Disney Pictures


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