I am a pretty HUGE Eminem fan. The guy is the best rapper to ever live and I will stand by that comment all day long. Since he got sober his lyrical content and his flow have only gotten better. It is amazing how good he is at rapping. 

He finally released a new song with Beyonce called 'Walk on Water" and it is a solid track. I'm surprised it's his first single because I don't think it'll get a ton of radio play but his flow on the song is second to none! He just destroys the track and gets better as the song goes on.  The new album is suppose to be out Friday but it is not confirmed yet. I seriously can not wait!! I have a feeling this may be his last album and I have feeling this may be one of his best albums ever. 

Here is his first performance in a few years at the MTV Europe awards. He kills this with Skyler Grey.