The Super Bowl is set and I'm whatever about it. Obviously I love football so I will watch but I really don't care for either team. I'm over the Patriots and their road to the Super Bowl could not have been easier. They played a Titans team at home that didn't deserve to be there and had a miracle comeback against the Chiefs. Then a Blake Bortles led Jaguars team. Now the play a team starting a backup QB. This is such an issue for the NFL and why the ratings are down. No competition in the AFC and a MASSIVE lack of big time QBs in the playoffs.

On the other hand I hate the Eagles because I'm a Giants fan. I know Nick Foles played great yesterday but lets be real before yesterday he had played well below average so to think he can replicate this one game in the Super Bowl against Bill and Tom is a MASSIVE stretch to me. If Carson Wentz was playing this would be a great game but he's not so its eh. 

Anyway the best part of yesterday was Bill Belichick shutting down the media over Tom Brady and his thumb. I loved it cause the reaction was so over the top this week.