Is this insane what I may do? and TBT!

I may do something INSANE and go to Coachella on Sunday to see Eminem. I'm going to Vegas Saturday to see Seinfeld then I land in SD Sunday morning. So I would drive right to Indio for Coachella. Then I would see Eminem but have to drive back as fast as I could to make sure I have more then enough time to be ready for work Monday morning. I'm still on the fence about doing both but it would be EPIC! Seinfeld and Eminem are two of my idols so it is a tough decision. 

Here is my tbt from the last time I saw Eminem do a FULL show. It was at the Rose Bowl a few years ago. I went with my friend Jeff and he headlined with Rihanna. 

NSFW LANGUAGE! Eminem performing! 

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