Is Shane coming back on Walking Dead?!!

The Walking Dead is still my favorite show on TV but I'll admit it has fallen off a little bit. The ratings have dropped a lot from what they were but it is still a high rated show. We found out a month ago that the guy who plays Rick is leaving the show after this season. He is the MAIN character so I don't know how the show goes on without him. I am definitely in the camp that they should make this season the last, but I don't think they will. 

That all being said apparently a fan got a picture with the actors who play Rick and Daryl. That's awesome but what is more awesome is that in the background is the actor who played Shane! Shane was killed off in the finale episode of season 2! Shane was an awesome character and basically the co star with Rick. I have no clue why Shane is there but could it be for a flashback episode? Will they bring his character back? It is really odd and I'm freaking out!

Check this out!?!?! 

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