I went back to New York with my girlfriend Hayley for vacation. We stayed with her best friend and it was an amazing trip! We had tons of food and did every tourist thing you could think of. I got to go to a Yankee Red Sox playoff game and be on the sidelines for the Giants Eagles game. It sucks that both my teams lost but I still had fun. ( I was miserable after both losses especially the Giants cause the season is over.)

Here are the pics! 

This is Hayley, her best friend and I in Central Park. 

Hayley and I at the Seinfeld Restaurant!

Top of Rockefeller Center! 

Yankee Red Sox playoff game! 

Got to meet a great New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks! The nicest and coolest guy ever! 

Sidelines for Giants Eagles!

Me my mom, Dad and my dads best friend Paul who is basically my uncle. 

I met Victor Cruz!!! I fan boy'd out way too much! I think Cruz was taken back but I didn't care! 

This last picture may be the coolest of all because it is freaking me and LAWRENCE TAYLOR! LT!!!!!!!!!! The best defensive player all time and the greatest Giant player ever!