I had my last tattoo session and this was by far the most painful because it was a lot around my inner bicep. I needed a couple small things along with a map of NYC and Long Island. I have to to go back in two weeks for my artist to do any touch ups that may be needed but other then that I am done!

Here it is!

The centerpiece is the compass because it is suppose to be a map of my life. I have a microphone for my job with the background on top of my arm being a map of San Diego. The NY symbol represents my favorite team on Earth, the Giants and also I have my parents initials near that. On my inner bicep is the word Recovery because I am in recovery and it is my favorite Eminem album. The background around that is a map of NYC and Long Island. That map goes down to my forearm and wraps around. Finally next to my chest are my 2 dogs paws!

I'll post another picture in a few weeks but this is what it looks like now. Tony from Bay Ink Tattoo did a freaking amazing job!