I've been a NY Giants fan my whole if. Before I could walk there are pictures of me in NY Giants gear. I've been thru the ups and the downs. The last few years they have been god awful, one of the worst teams in the NFL. Well, as of yesterday they took the title as the worst team in the NFL by trading Odell Beckham Jr. I am disgusted, sick and at a loss for words because I have no idea what this organization is doing. The owner at one point was a good owner has become a clueless dope. The GM is an even bigger dope.He could have started a rebuild last year!!! Last year now becomes a waste of a season because I would be shocked if they won 4 games this year. As a fan there is nothing I can do but I'm now on the fence of spending my money to watch them next year. I'm just so disgusted with what they have become. My only saving grace is they draft Tua next year from Alabama and in 2022 they are a contender. Hopefully they don't trade Barkley by then or hopefully he could still run with the million touches he'll probably have since they have no other weapons. DISGUSTED!

Also if you try and tell me the Giants are better without Odell beckham Jr then don't talk to me ever.