The New York Knicks whiffed in free agency yesterday and as a Knicks fan I'm not surprised. They tanked all year to get Zion with the first pick but didn't get the first pick. Them whiffing in free agency is just more of the Knicks being the Knicks. That being said I actually think them not getting Durant isn't the end of the world. The Knicks have NO TALENT right now. Even with Durant who is coming off an Achilles injury, I don't think they win a title any time soon.

The initial shock of them not getting the big names and the big names going to the Nets made things a lot worse.

The person who had the best reaction to all of this was Stephan A. Smith. The man broke down on Twitter and ESPN. I've been a Knicks fan a long time but no one is on the level of Stephan A. Smith!