I've been doing two fantasy leagues for almost 10 years now. One league is with some of my best friends and the other league is our work league. My league with my friends is PPR, while my league here at work is a standard league.

My first draft was on Monday with my friends. I had the 4th pick. I passed on Zeke because I hate the Cowboys and took Deandre Hopkins with my first pick. Here is the rest of the line up!

My other draft was last night and I had the 8th pick. It's a standard league so the draft is a little different. I took James Conner with my first pick. I'm not high on Conner but he was the best available.

Here is my line up!

I'm 50/50 on my teams. I like my work league better then my other league. I think the big mistake I made in my other league was going Deshaun Watson with my 4th pick. I should have went RB again but it is what it is.

Can't wait for football to start tomorrow!!!