Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!  I just realized I'm not wearing green today.  Friday was Kegs N Eggs, so that was my St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't even think about it today.  I'll be honest, I'm lucky to even be here this morning.  I got the flu over the weekend.  Both my kids had it and then Saturday morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.  But this is a 24 hour type thing.  I'm not 100% but I'm ok.  Still not fun though.

How crazy was Walking Dead last night?  Crazy literally!  Who saw that coming? 

Speaking of Kegs, here are a couple of fun shots from the broadcast.  This first one is a silly leprachaun doing his Irish jig...

And the fight that everyone has been waiting for...not really. I must have been drunk to even fake this picture.