It was a super long day for me yesterday.  After I did the Show, I went home for a little bit and then drove up to Encinitas to cover the draft.  I didn't get home until almost 10 last night.  I'm feeling it today.  But it was a lot of fun.  I said on the broadcast that the story of the draft will be Johnny Manziel no matter what.  If he gets drafte high, then the story is can he live up to that draft status.  If he falls, then he falls into the Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers storyline.  Well, it was the later.  He fell.  All the way to 22.  I was saying on the air that I really thought the Cowboys would take him at 16.  It would make no sense for them, but that is how Jerry Jones roles.  He wants the splash.  He wants the rockstar.  I was shocked when they passed.  But it was a good decision on their part.  So Johnny Football ended up in Cleveland.  Not the most glamorous place.  We will see if he is able to adapt and thrive there.  The Chargers took the guy that I had slated there all along.  If you look at my mock draft posted early in the week, you saw me have them taking Jason Verrett from TCU.  And that is exactly who they got.  Pretty cool.  I studied this guy a lot and he is legit.  Not the biggest corner in the world, but he battles for everything.  He won't give up on plays.  Lots of heart.  I like him.  I think the Chargers got a good one.  Can't wait to see what they do today.  I'll be back on XTRA Sports 1360 today from Buffalo Wild Wings in the Sports Arena area at 3pm.  Stop by and say hi!