This time change sucks.  It will take me about a week to get used to it.  I already wake up early, so losing an hour of that, really hurts.  I went golfing with a dude yesterday who forgot to change his clocks.  Thought he was an hour early, but ended up being late.  I wonder how many people that happens to.  It's no fun.

I watched the movie Pacific Rim over the weekend.  This was a real stinker.  I wanted it to be good.  Monsters and robots!  How could you go wrong?  When you have the every cliche in the book in the movie, that's how.  It was terrible.  I am so glad Guillermo Del Toro bowed out of directing the Hobbit if this is what he thought was a good movie.  He would have ruined it. 

Speaking of movies, this is pretty cool.  This is 31 random movie facts that you probably didn't know.  I knew the driods in Raiders of the Lost Ark fact.  Of course!