I was checking out the Chargers schedule next year and I'm feeling really good about it.  The actualy dates of the games will be announced in April, but we know who they are going to play.  Their road schedule is actually not too bad.  A couple of cross country trips against Buffalo, Miami and Baltimore.  Then some closer to home games against SF and Arizona.  I like that.  The home schedule has some really interesting opponents.  We get the world champion Seahawks here.  Much better than playing up there.  We also get the Rams, Jaguars, Jets and Patriots.  The only thing I'm worried about there is selling out the Rams and Jags games.  But again, I like that we get the Pats here.  Of course we have the division games too.  Just at a glance and it being so early, I can see 10 wins here.  I will revisit it after the draft and free agency of course, but not bad at all.  Get those season tickets early. 

My TBT today is from an interesting time in my life.  Back in 2003 we were up in San Jose.  I had gotten real sick and lost a bunch of weight.  Not the best way to diet.  But what I found interesting in these photos in my desk area.  I like the naked chick calendar I had up.  I also am baffled as to why I had a picture of Sigfried and Roy up.  Oh and the monkey up on top, I still have in my office today.  Why?  No idea.  And yes, that is a mullet wig there, just in case.  You never know when you need one.  Enjoy!