This picture was taken circa 1998.  I was working at Star 100 and we did a 70's Night with the Padres.  We even brought in Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me to throw out the first pitch.  I was put in charge of Verne.  If you ever saw the show the Surreal Life, you know Verne liked to party.  So after the game Verne wanted to go out and grab a drink.  So we went to Seau's and hung out.  He was such a hit at the bar, people were buying him drinks left and right.  But he needed the drinks to be put in small glasses.  So they would pour him a drink but put it in a large shot glass.  In his hands it looked like a normal size drink.  It was crazy!  There I was in my 70's outfit trying to bodyguard for Verne.  One of the more stranger stories in my radio career.  Anyway, here is myself, my boy B-Dub in the green (who turned 40 yesterday!  Happy birthday Dub) and our mid-day guy Greg Simms.  Enjoy!