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TBT: Me and B-Rob

TBT: Me and B-Rob
Posted February 27th, 2014 @ 5:05am

I still can't believe that Rob's last day is tomorrow.  Doesn't seem real.  10 years together is a long time.  We've been through so many things this past decade.  I remember when we would go out all the time and shut down the bars.  This was on work nights!  Get done drinking at 2 and be at work at 4.  Insane.  We had a lot of good times.  We've been through the hard times together too.  The death of his parents was the hardest.  But I'm really proud of how he got through it.  He turned his life around and became a responsible person.  And now he has a child of his own.  That is a lot in a decade.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots of me and B-Rob...

The very first time I hung Christmas lights at my house was back in 2008.  I really just held on to the ladder and Rob did everything.  He helped me out the first couple of years and now I'm able to do it on my own.  I wonder if he would fly back in December to help me again?

This was from a photshoot we did back in 2007.  We were downtown shooting and Rob and I decided it would be funny to make it look like we were jumping a fence.  But when we got the picture back, the looks on our faces made this look a little more erotic than it should have been. 

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