New Releases

Release Date, September 27, 2016 (Tuesday):
Dead Rising 2 – PS4, XONE - Dead Rising 2 features the same zombie-smashing fun of its predecessor, plus two-player cooperative play.
LEGO Dimensions – PS4 – LEGO Dimensions brings together characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie, The Wizard of Oz, LEGO Ninjago, Back to the Future, and more.
FIFA 17 – PS4, XONE – For the first time ever in FIFA, live your story on and off the pitch as the Premier League’s next rising star, Alex Hunter. Play on any club in the Premier League, for authentic managers and alongside some of the best players on the planet. Experience brand new worlds in FIFA 17, all while navigating your way through the emotional highs and lows of The Journey.
XCOM 2 – PS4, XONE – XCOM 2 transports players 20 years into the future, where humanity lost the war against the alien threat that has established a new world order. The secret paramilitary organization known as XCOM is largely forgotten, and must strike back to reclaim control of Earth and free mankind from the aliens’ rule.
Forza Horizon 3 – XONE – You’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars. Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars, music, and freedom of the open road. How you get there is up to you.
Darkest Dungeon – PS4 – Darkest Dungeon is a gothic roguelike RPG dungeon crawler about the psychological stresses of adventuring.
Necropolis – XONE (PS4 – Friday) – Necropolis is a game of brutal combat and survival, set in a magical deathtrap that shifts and reconstructs itself around you.
Release Date, September 30, 2016 (Friday):
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game – PS4, XONE – In GWENT, gamers clash with their friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction. The game is played over a best-of-three series of rounds, as players unleash their hand by slinging spells and diverse units with special abilities and use clever tricks to deceive their opponents.
RIVE – XONE, WiiU – The metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter - is a game with old school gaming values in a decidedly new school execution. During RIVE's intense 360 degree shooting and platforming action, players learn to alter the behavior of their robotic enemies by collecting and uploading hacks.
The Next Penelope – WiiU – The Next Penelope is an original 2D racing and action game, set in a futuristic Greece.
SteamWorld Heist – WiiU – SteamWorld Heist is a game about space adventures and strategic shoot-outs. Play as Captain Piper and recruit a team of rag-tag robots to explore and scavenge the remains of a destroyed world. Board enemy spaceships and command your crew in a unique variety of turn-based combat, where the outcome is determined purely by your own skills.
H1Z1: King of the Hill – PS4 – H1Z1: King of the Kill is a high-intensity online multiplayer shooter that will specialize in large-scale, arena-style, last-person-standing grudge matches across a variety of new and evolving game modes, including fan-favorite PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale.
Pox Nora – PS4 – PoxNora is an online, turn-based strategy game.

Release Date, September 30, 2016 (Friday):
Amy Lee – Dream Too Much.
Van Morrison – Keep Me Singing.
Yellowcard – Yellowcard.
Bob Weir – Blue Mountain.
Bon Iver – 22, A Million.
Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad
Opeth – Sorceress.
Pixies – Head Carrier.

Release Date, September 27, 2016 (Tuesday):
Warcraft – Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster & Dominic Cooper.
Central Intelligence – Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart.
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates – Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza.
Cell – John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson.
The Shallows – Blake Lively.

Digital Download
Ghostbusters – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones.
Independence Day: Resurgence – Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth & Bill Pullman.

Grimm – Season 5.
Masterpiece: Indian Summers – Season 2.
Ripper Street – Season 4.
Reign – Season 3.
The Catch – Season 1.
Mike Tyson Mysteries – Season 2