Welcome back to the real world!!! That is how I feel today and anytime we get more than a weekend off from work. This long holiday weekend was amazing. We pretty much spent the whole 4 days at home and around our little neighborhood. Besides the two Home Depot trips and one Jimbo's run, I don't think we left our little community. We spent a bunch of time working on the house and yard. It seems like the projects are never ending but I do feel that we made progress this weekend. Just planting new flowers and putting out some fresh mulch can make a huge difference. But if I wasn't in love with our little neighborhood before I am beyond in love now. We picked out neighborhood because of the good schools and reputation and a great family neighborhood. When we were looking for houses people would always tell us what a great area it is and to just "wait until the 4th of July". I heard the community does a little parade and that there is great firework viewing around town. The 4th of July blew my expectations away. Seriously at one point while we were walking to the parade I started to tear up cause what I was seeing just make me full of joy. As we walked down to the parade we just saw groups of people coming out of their houses. Everyone was dressed in red, white and blue and pulling decorated wagons or accompanied by kids who had decorated their scooters and bikes. And as all the sides streets merged into this one main street it was like a sea of patriotism, family and community. I swear I could feel it in the air. The closer we got to the parade the busier it got. I had no idea. Just freaking amazing!!!!!

Here is the start point of the parade (pay no mind to the guy in front who just time traveled from the 60's)………

Here is Lovelyn enjoying the parade………..

Lovelyn really liked that the kids in the parade threw out candy. Now she gets to give mom and dad a piece of candy each night if we eat a good dinner………..