Yesterday was an interesting day for many reasons.  First let's address the picture on Eddie's happened, it's out there.  It was unexpected.  I was embarrassed.  No more sexy pictures for Ashlee.  But.....I've been embarrassed on this show many times before and the upside was that the feedback was really positive.  I guess I ain't half bad for a 36 year old Mom.  :)


Do you let a 4 year old get away with cheating?  Yesterday my answer to that question was HECK NO!  Lovelyn and I were playing an intense game of Magic School Bus Memory Match when she started cheating.  She knew there was a match to her first card close by so when she thought I wasn't looking, she looked at multiple cards real quick.  She found the card she needed and gave a super happy smile to me that she just got a match.  At first I wanted to let it go because we were having fun and I didn't want it to turn ugly, but I knew what she did wasn't right and I couldn't let it slide.  I took a deep breath and told her that I saw her cheat and cheating is not nice and I don't want to play with a cheater.  Of course she tries to say she didn't cheat and so I tell her that I saw her and explain how other kids won't want to play games with her if this is the way she plays.  It gets ugly, she is crying saying she is not a cheater.  After what felt like a huge dramatic scene she apologizes and we get to finish playing our fun, fun game of Memory Match.  It would have been so much easier for me to pretend like I didn't see her cheat.  But I feel like it is these kind of battles that will pay off down the road when she is a teenager.  Fingers crossed!!!!