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First Day of School

First Day of School
Posted September 2nd, 2014 @ 4:41am
EMOTIONS!!!!!!  LOTS OF EMOTIONS!!!!!  Today is my baby girls first day of school.  I am freaking out.  How can I be at work on such an important day like today??????  I want to be home, walking my little girl to school so badly.  But I know my hubby will do a great job.  The only thing that is making me nervous is the completion of the first day of school pictures.  I have talked to the hubby multiple times about it and he gives me the look of "sure whatever" "it's not really a big deal".  I've told him I want a picture leaving the house, I want a picture in front of the school sign, etc....  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets some good ones.  How did my little girl get so old so fast????  I can't.......


So I don't start to cry, let me tell you about the fun girls day we had this weekend.  On Saturday we went out for a girls date with Eddie's wife and daughter.  We had so much fun and took the girls to get their toes done for the first time.  The girls were such little ladies and really liked getting their toes painted...........



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