Yesterday I got called out again by The Show for smelling like BO.  A few years ago I learned how bad some deodorants can be for your body.  Putting heavy metals on my skin to get absorbed into my thank you.  When I first discovered this I made the switch to "all natural" deodorant that you can buy in the store.  All that did was made me smell like fruit and BO mixed together.  Then I tried some crystal thing that you rub on your pits.....still smelled.  Finally we hit last winter and I decided to f***-it and just went no deodorant.  This was fine during the winter but once it started to heat up a bit the BO was back in force.  It go so bad that The Show shamed me into wearing deodorant at work M-F.  Lame, but I did it for the comfort of my co-workers. 


 Starting today no more heavy metals in the pits for this girl!!!!  Yesterday the hubby and I made some homemade deodorant.  I had seen this recipe on some hippy websites and then my friend Laura told me she gave it a try and it worked great.  I am interested to see what The Show thinks and if they prefer my new coconut smell to that of my BO.


 All Natural Deodorant Recipe -


1/4 cup Coconut Oil


1/4 cup Baking Soda


1/4 cup Arrowroot or Cornstarch


Essential Oils (optional if you want a scent other than coconut)


 Mix together till smooth.  Keep in jar on your counter and apply with big make-up brush or sponge.  Or empty out old deodorant container, fill with your creation and keep in fridge for more solid consistency.