Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement regarding the whole lawsuit drama. Most of you think that I should appeal. And if it were me giving advice to someone else I would say 100% appeal. But sometimes having a bit of peace is worth a bit of ego. Still sucks!


           Let's talk about something a bit more fun and less serious………..the TV show Survivor. Since we are basically Amish people when it comes to TV we only watch a few shows. One of those shows is Survivor. Last week OMG. That Brandon dude is out of freaking control. I remember the first season Brandon was on it was seriously hard for me to watch him at times cause parts of him reminded me of someone I use to know. This season is a bit easier to watch but he is equally if not more crazy. If you watched the show you would have seen cast member Dawn in shock during Brandon's freak out and then an emotional mess when he flipped out again in front of both tribes. I have had two people tell me now that I am Dawn. I want to argue with them and say that I am stronger than that but I think they might be right. I am so sensitive these days to negative energy it is RIDICULOUS! I need to attend some sort of emotional boot camp or something. This season of Survivor is another good one. I wonder how long they can keep this show going? Hopefully forever!