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The Show's Office Fridge

Posted July 8th, 2014 @ 4:19am


Houston we have a problem!!!!!  The mini-fridge in The Show's office is not looking too good.  I have never owned a mini-fridge before and I'm not really sure about the maintenance on these puppies.  I have heard people use the term "defrosting" or "deicing" a freeze but never really knew what they were talking about.  Well this morning I went to put my lemon slices in the fridge and noticed that there was water all over the bottom of the fridge and some on the floor.  Maybe this huge ice block multiplying in the upper corner has something to do with it????  We may never know........


What is in The Show's fridge??????  Eddie's fruity sparkling water, Ashlee & Sky's Vanilla flavored creamer, an old orange juice from Jack in the Box (for Mimosa emergency), a thing of sliced lemons and fresh pressed veggie juice.



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