The weekend always seems to go by so fast lately. I think it’s because my body is still adjusting to this new schedule. I just always feel so tired but I think I’m finally starting to kind of get adjusted? Or is waking up at 4am one of those things that I’ll never get used to?

I watched more college basketball this weekend then I think I have in about 2 years. Literally from tip off of the first game in the morning till the clock hit all zeros in the last game. There were some awesome games this weekend too. My two favorites were VCU getting upset in overtime Friday night and yesterday’s epic showdown between Wichita St. and Kentucky. That game was unbelievable. Just back and fourth with tons of scoring and Kentucky pulls the upset at the end. As good as those games were I think the best thing about college basketball this weekend was the epic interview that Greg Gumbel did with Dayton coach Archie Miller. Now if you didn’t know Dayton is a “Cinderella” story this year and there coach Archie is brothers with the head coach at Arizona Sean. So Greg is interviewing Archie but for some reason he keeps calling him Sean then it just turns into a train wreck. Oh and the best part maybe when he congratulates him and his brother on making the sweet 16 when Arizona hadn’t qualified for it yet! It is epic! Check it out.

 Finally, I watched the Walking Dead this weekend and I’m so glad we got to see what Terminus is. I thought for sure that was the cliffhanger for next season. I can’t believe the last episode is Sunday then we have to wait till freaking October! Best show on TV. Oh and what the hell happened to BETH?????