Growing up I was a HUGE wrestling fan especially because I grew up during the Attitude Era with Guys like Stone Cold and the The Rock. It was pretty epic and I was lucky that I got to watch that. I stopped watching for a few years but got back into it when I started in radio again like 4 years ago. I watch Raw every Monday night and I buy the Rumble and Wrestlemania on Pay Per View. They are pretty expensive so that’s why I only get those two. Well last night was Wrestlemania and I thought it did not disappoint. Usually the hype is always better then the show but last night I thought for the most part it lived up to it. The way it started was one of the most epic things of all time in wrestling. First Hulk Hogan comes out to pump up the crowd, which is cool because it’s Hulk Hogan. Then out of nowhere the glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out! If you didn’t know he’s my favorite wrestler of all time and on my top 5 list of people to meet. So seeing him and Hogan together at Wrestlemania was epic especially because no one knew Austin was coming out. Austin finishes up what he’s saying, the crowds going nuts then out of no where The Rocks music hits! EPIC! Now you have Hogan, Austin and The Rock all together in the ring at Wrestlemania! The show could have ended there and I would have been fine with the 70 bucks I paid. You couldn’t remove the smile from my face with plastic surgery. After that I thought the show was solid. I think the Undertaker losing the streak maybe the most shocked I’ve ever been watching wrestling. No one saw that coming! Love that Daniel Bryan finally won the title but I just wish CM Punk would have made an appearance. Overall I thought it was worth the money!