I legitimately couldn’t have been more amped when I saw this last night. Last year Eminem announced his first new album in 3 years the MMLP2 during the VMAs. The album was freaking awesome and to me was lyrically his best album ever. I thought for sure that that album was probably going to be it from him for awhile because he usually waits 2 to 3 years before putting out another one. That theory is one of the reasons I went to his concert a few weeks ago. I had a feeling that this was it. Well luckily I was wrong! During the VMAs last night he releases a new song, which is legit and drops this commercial for his new album. The album is called Shady XV and I am pumped! I'm assuming this was the plan all along to release two albums in back to back years because all I read was about how hard he has been working. I can’t wait! Here is the trailer.