The NBA playoffs started over the weekend and there were some good games but I thought the best thing to happen was halftime of the Spurs Mavericks game. If you didn’t know it was announced this past week that Craig Segar, who is the NBA on TNT sideline reporter is going thru a battle with Leukemia so he won’t be apart of the playoffs. Now two things, one that really hits home with me because my dad has Leukemia and two what TNT did to honor him was awesome. First, all the guys in the postgame show wore outrageous Craig Segar style suits. Then they had Segars son be the guy to interview Spurs coach Greg Popavich at halftime. If you didn’t know Popavich can be a pretty tough interview and really give reporters a hard time. Popavich and Segar have had there back and fourths. Halftime comes to a close and Segars son does the interview and it was awesome, especially what Popavich says at the end. Here is the video if you want to check it out.