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Eddie's Blog: Trying To Figure Out Legos

Sky's Blog: Michigan Meteor yesterday?!?!?!?

Thor's Blog: Shaq and Charles Barkley again prove why they are the best in this clip!

Emily's Blog: I Don't Do Yoga But I Do Swing

Today on The Show 

Dog-owners and cat-owners prefer different movies, make different salaries, says study

New California declares 'independence' from California in bid to become 51st state

Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski found dead from apparent suicide: Police

This Mom Charges Her 5-Year-Old 'Rent' & It's Damn Brilliant

Tenants of Little Italy Condoplex Annoyed at New Package Handling Fee

Study Finds The Sexual Position Most People Are Scared Of Trying

Everyone is picking sides over the Aziz Ansari story

Google's Art App Is Now Top Downloaded App Because Of Viral Art Selfies



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