Meet Our New Dog...Coco!

It finally happened!  On Saturday our family got a little bigger. We got our new puppy. After an extensive search, we found a little dog with the help of They were amazing in helping us. They have big hearts and wanted her to go to the right home. On Saturday, Debra went down and meet her and it was love at first sight. Then we got the ok and brought the kids down and they were in heaven. We brought her home and have been playing with her ever since. We named her Coco. The kids picked it and since we are a Disney family, it made sense. She has the sweetest temperament and has been great. I bought her a little bed for the car ride home and she loves it. But its a little too small for her. She doesn't care and likes to lay in it with her head over the side!  What a goofball. She is amazing and we can't wait to spend our lives together. So here she is everyone...Coco! 

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