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I rushed home yesterday, because I couldn't wait to see our new dog, Coco!  I walked in the door and it was like a movie. She came running up and jumped into my arms!  But then something happened. She was over me. She was all about Debra!  How could this be?  I know she spent the whole morning bonding with her, but I still figured, I'm the dog guy. She will love me more. Nope. When I got up from my nap, Debra had left to go pick up the kids from school. I came down and let her out of her crate and she immediately went running around the house looking for Debra!  WTF?  I still love her though. Here are a couple more pics of Coco. 

Meet Our New Dog...Coco!  - Thumbnail Image

Meet Our New Dog...Coco!

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