Coco Selfie Off

I mentioned yesterday that I am a bit jealous that our new dog Coco seemed to like Debra more than me. Which makes no sense because I am the dog lover and Debra had to be convinced to even get the dog!  So I was a little irritated when Debra sent me a selfie with Coco yesterday probably to rub it in that they are having a great time while I'm at work. So later in the day when it was just me and Coco, we took a selfie too. Clearly Coco is having way more fun with me and all about giving me love!  I feel like I won this selfie off. I sent it to Debra and let her know that Coco is starting to like me more.  Debra thinks I'm an idiot. 

More Coco - Thumbnail Image

More Coco

Meet Our New Dog...Coco!  - Thumbnail Image

Meet Our New Dog...Coco!

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